The Liar, The Cheat and the Thief is the result of Maija Soderholm's understanding of the Visayan Martial Arts, taught to her as a closed door student to Maestro Sonny Umpad. This is in no way a "How-To" book, it's a unique insight into the mental game of deception in combat. Maija walks you through drills and concepts in a succinct manner, there's no holding back, nor is there any mystification - you can't simply let your mind relax, the game is more mental than it is physical and learning to integrate the two has been the stumbling block of many teachers.

This book isn't about a *system* per se, but the essence of every martial art on the planet; It's a living, evolving manual of motion you can return to for years, and get something new every time. Maija never lets you relax in a drill, she constantly reminds you (sometimes painfully) that higher martial arts demands deeper concentration.

No matter what art you train in or from what country, The Art of Deception is applicable across the board in a way few other methods even address. These are the "secrets" that most martial art masters hold close to the vest, and Maija puts them on display for everyone.

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Liar, Cheat, Thief